Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tech Must do distinction 5 of 5

Tech must do distinction 5 of 5

Today I had tech
I arrived to school at 8.20 so I had lots of time to prep for the day.
There are two busses, I am on bus 2 so I have to line up and wait for the bus to arrive.
Today in woodwork I got my pieces of wood and glued them together so it won't fall apart, once the glue dried out I sanded the wood so it was smooth and so I could draw on it.
Once I had sanded the wood I drew out the design on my box and then I painted some of it black and red for more effect.
I show leadership by being at school in plenty of time to prep for the day and by waiting in line for my bus sensibly and by being quiet on the bus and by listening to instruction from the teacher at tech.

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