Friday, February 28, 2014


1. Room 11 found out that we were learning about pop-art. I was like what's pop art? (in my head).

2. Mrs Pattern told us about Andy Warhol (the famous painter), we also watched a video about Andy Warhol.

3. Then Mrs Pattern asked us to research some of Andy Warhol's art.

4. I went on my tablet and searched up pictures of his art.

5. I discovered that the most expensive piece of his art work was called "Silver Car Crash [Double Disaster]", 1932 which sold for $105.4 million (buyer: anonymous).

He used to get very sick when he was young so his mum gave him Campbell's soup every day for lunch. So then when he drew those bizarre  painting's of Campbell's soup.

6. We had to sit in a circle on the mat and on two post it's we had to write down two icons to our country (I chose the chocolate fish and the Akaroa Blue Cod).  

7.  Out of all the icon's that everybody put down I chose to do the Akaroa Blue Cod for my pop-art.

8.  I went on my tablet and looked up pictures of the Akaroa Blue Cod.

9.  After I found a good picture I had to scribble down a sketch

10. I had to draw a new one and then paint it complementary colours (they are colours that go well together), for instance our school uniform red and green.

11. Room 11 got passed some A3 paper, we had to divide our paper into four even square's.

12. First I painted the top left box it was the complimentary which I explained earlier then I painted the bottom left square,, it was black and white in the top right box I painted  analogous that means three of the same shade, for instance Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue then I painted the bottom right box monochromatic colours, it means three colours next to each other on the colour wheel, for instance Purple Yellow Red.

13. I left my painting to dry then I came back after lunch and it was all dry so I traced over with vivid, then I was done.


       Over all I thought that art attack was really fun.             
 On the rubric I think I am multistructural  it means I use several relevant elements of art eg colour, techniques, line and shape..