Friday, September 18, 2015

Koru Games

Over the past 3 days all of the year 7 and 8's went to the Koru Games.

I am in the A team for Football  (Soccer) 

Over the 3 days something I enjoyed the most was competing against the other teams.
Because it was hard and challenging.

From the beginning of the year I improved on my control of the ball and my positioning of the field.

Something from the Koru Games I will remember is....
Having fun with my friends and making new friends.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Peer mediation distinction evidence #2 of 4

Peer mediation distinction evidence # 2 of 4

Peer mediation

Every Monday at lunchtime I have peer mediation.
I have peer mediation in the second half of lunch.
I do peer mediation with Honor.
Today for peer mediation Honor and I went around the field several times to make sure everyone was having fun and getting along and making sure that there were no problems.
Today at peer mediation there were a few things that went on, one of them was.... One of the juniors had hit another junior with a stick.
We went over to talk it through and get all sides of the story and to solve the problem.
It ended out well because we managed to get the true story and because the boy apologised for hitting.
Every one was happy and went on with their lunch time.
I showed leadership by... Setting a good example for others to follow, listening to the issue without judgement and letting everyone speak, offering solution, turning up to peer mediation, doing my duty well and keeping my eyes open and being aware.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

CHOIR distinction evidence # 4 of 4

choir distinction evidence # 4of 4


On Friday we have choir, we have to get there early, not everyone does this which really holds everything up but I am always the first one there out of respect for the teachers and the whole choir.
We need to be there by 8.45 so I like to be at school by 8.20 so I can be organised and ready for the learning day and choir.
We went over a few songs and had to fix them a bit as from our choir trip to Avonhead School.
We practiced the Mexican wave, American child, ring of fire and our new song which is called ADIEMUS.

I showed leadership by turning up early, setting a good example for others and singing with pride.


kapa haka distinction evidence # 3 of 4

Kapa Haka distinction evidence #3 of 4

Kapa Haka

On Friday we had Kapa Haka, we practiced 2 songs, one of them was the school song and I can never remember the name of the other one.
I can sing both of the songs off by heart which I have been working on and practicing for ages.
We have set lines that we have to get into before we can start practicing.
I live Kapa Haka and next year I hope to get a main role.
I showed leadership by being on time, getting into my line without being asked, learning my words, and setting a good example for the younger students.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Code club leadership distinction evidence # 1 of 4

Code club distinction evidence # 1 of 4

Today at lunchtime I had this thing called code club.
This is a new club that has been set up to learn about program coding.
Because I know how to do scratch I was able to help out the younger students.
I knew how to do this because I was selected to go to halswell school to learn about it.
I helped 2 boys create a basic movie, it took about 20 mins to make and the boys thought that it was awesome and really enjoyed it.

I showed leadership by, turning up at the required time, being a good role model to the younger students, knowing what to do and leading by example and encouraging the boys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Koru games practice must do

Koru games practice Must do

Today I had koru games practice.
Today it was the A Team vs the B team.
I am in the A team which is a challenge as there are some amazing players in our team.
Our goal today was to sort out our positions for the actual tournament.
I have been chosen to play the right mid role, which I am very happy about.
The game went really well because we were passing well and we were marking the opposition and there was all round fair play.
I showed leadership by playing fairly, respecting the other team and my team mates and listening to the refs decisions.

Peer mediation distinction evidence # 1of 4

Peer mediation distinction evidence # 1of 4

Peer mediation

Today I had peer mediation, my duty is on the second half of lunch from 1-130.
I do peer mediation with honour and jinny.
We go around on the field and make sure everyone is having a good lunchtime and see if there are any problems that need solving and if all the students are ok.
Today some students were kicking netball a around the field so we gave them footballs to kick instead and explained why they needed to use the right balls for the correct sport.

I showed leadership by turning up for my duty on time and with a good attitude and did what was my job and showed that I was there to help and give solutions to issues.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Choir distinction evidence # 3 of 4

Choir distinction evidence # 3 of 4

Today I had choir

Today for choir we didn't just have an ordinary practice.
We went to Avonhead school by bus to have a choir practice for the music Festival.
The bus left at 9.15 and as per the school rule we had to show respect on the bus, to the students, the teacher and the bus driver and the parent helpers.
First we went into the hall, which was massive, and found our seats.
There were heaps of other students from other schools there, I would guess around 250 students.
The first song was the national anthem and the leader of that song went through how to pronounce words and sing them a particular way which was really helpful.
We went through all of the songs in the red book and with each song a different singing teacher would go through how to sing and say how to sing until it was just right.
I found this really helpful and learnt a lot.
I showed leadership by being respectful on the bus to students, parents, teacher and bus driver.
And by singing my heart out listening to instruction and following through and by paying attention and leading by example.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kapa Haka #2 of 4 distinction

Kapa Haka # 2 of 4 distinction

This morning I kapa Haka
We went over 2 songs the first one is our school song tai tapu and another one.
It's really important to pronounce the words well and clearly and I do this to the best of my ability.
We had a competition to see which age group was better at each song (the seniors won)
At the end because we had performed so well we got given a lollipop.

I showed leadership by singing with pride,  being where I should be and respecting Matua re hari.

Choir distinction # 2 of 4

Choir distinction # 2 of 4

Today I had choir, I have to be at school at 8.45 but I like to be there well before that as I like to be ready and prepared for the day and set a good example to others so I get there by 8.30.

Today at choir we went through the red book and practiced the songs, we have the festival coming up so we need to get ready for that.
The songs we practiced were ring of fire, we practiced here comes the sun, this little light of mine and we also practiced Mexican wave and we learnt a new song it's a bit different.

I showed leadership by being early and ready for the class, setting a good example for the  students and singing with pride. Also by listening to the teachers and doing exactly what is required.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tech Must do distinction 5 of 5

Tech must do distinction 5 of 5

Today I had tech
I arrived to school at 8.20 so I had lots of time to prep for the day.
There are two busses, I am on bus 2 so I have to line up and wait for the bus to arrive.
Today in woodwork I got my pieces of wood and glued them together so it won't fall apart, once the glue dried out I sanded the wood so it was smooth and so I could draw on it.
Once I had sanded the wood I drew out the design on my box and then I painted some of it black and red for more effect.
I show leadership by being at school in plenty of time to prep for the day and by waiting in line for my bus sensibly and by being quiet on the bus and by listening to instruction from the teacher at tech.