Friday, August 28, 2015

Choir can do distinction # 1 of 4

Choir can do distinction # 1 of 4
Today I had senior choir in the music room. I need to be at school and ready for choir by 8.45 am
As always I was the first to arrive, this is really important as it saves so much time if people are there and ready to get started on time.
We started off with the warms up as we usually do. To warm up our vocal chords.
Then we started our songs
They were, Murasame, the long white sails and let there always be sunshine.
Miss H and Mr McCullam were happy with our singing.
I showed leadership by being early and ready to start the session and by being respectful to the teachers and by leading by example.

Kapa Haka can do # 1 of 4 distinction

Kapa Haka can do distinction # 1 of 4

Today I had kapa Haka, we went over 2 songs, one was the school song.
We went over the actions and the lyrics quite a few times. (Practice makes perfect)
Because everyone in kapa Haka was listening we were able to get through the practices well we were able to go out to morning tea early.
I showed leadership by showing enthusiasm, giving my all, and by being respectful to others and Matua re hari.

Must do getting involved distinction 4 of 5

Must do getting involved distinction 4 of 5
Today we had koru games practice.
I am in the A  football team
Not many of the A team were there so some of the people from the B football team joined in with the A team to make a full team so we could practice and play a game
My team won 2 to 1.
I showed leadership by, being in the right place at the right time, playing the best I can, encouraging the team and passing the ball around so all of the team get their fair ball time.

Must do getting involved distinction 3 of 5

Getting involved distinction 3 of 5
Today at school the teachers had a game of net ball versing the a and b girls net ball team.
we went out and watched and cheered the teams on
I was cheering on the teachers hoping they would win.
Guess who won..... The teachers.... I backed the right team
I showed leadership by
Supporting the team
Getting involved
Encouraging people to cheer the teams on and getting into the spirit of things.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting involved technology distinction 2 of 5

Today I had technology. distinction 2 of 5

In tech I am doing wood work which I am really enjoying.
We have to be at school early on Tuesday's to be ready for the bus.
On the way to tech I sat next to jack H and we talked about what we were going to do for the day.
I said that I was going to create the base of my design and then sand It so It is smooth so that's what I did.
I showed leadership by
Listening to the teacher, so I get good information and so the other students can hear.
And talking quietly to the person next to me on the bus so it is quiet and so the bus driver can concentrate and to be a good role model for the other students.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Can do # 12 Peer Mediation

Today I had peer mediation.
I like to Be as early as possible so I can get a head start.
Today there were no problems just some kids playing around in the dirt so I told them that they should stop because their parents might get angry at them for having dirty pants.
I showed leadership by
Beong at the correct place at the correct time, by being a good leader and showing respect, active thinking and by setting an example for the other students.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Must do technology distinction #1 of 5

Today I had technology distinction 1 of 5
It was my first day at woodwork because the previous week we had finished design.
In woodwork we are making a speaker box I am making mine shaped like a love heart so I can give it to my mum I showed leadership by

  • Listening to our new teacher 
  • And setting a good example for others 

Must do getting involved #5

Today at lunchtime I decided to play with the P.A.Ls.
We played football (soccer)
It was very popular.
the game started with 7 or so people and then at for the most part we got around about 40 people playing.
I showed leadership by respecting the P.A.Ls decisions and being a role model for the younger students.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Can do excellence can do #11

Today I had Peer Mediation.
My day to do peer mediation is on a Monday every week with Honor from 1:10 to 1:30 pm.
Today not much was going on.
 The only thing that happened was A boy in year 2 had bit his lip, so I got him a tissue and took him to the sickbay.
I showed Leadership by helping others and listening to what they said and making sure they were ok.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Can do #10 excellence choir

Today I had Choir.
We learnt a new song out of the red book for the end of year performance.
The song was in partly in another language and was 4 and 1/2 pages long.

I showed leadership by being in the right place in the right time and showing resilience.

Can do #9 excellence evidence KapaHaka

Today I had KapaHaka.

Today we were reminded of an old song that we practiced in term 1
It is very catchy and is very easy to remember, we sang that a couple of times.
We also went over the school song.

I showed leadership by turning up to KapaHaka on time and listening to the teachers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

must do #4 excellence

Today I had technology
It was my last day at design

Today I arrived at 8:20 am so I had plenty of time to get ready for the bus.
On the way to tech I sat next to Riley and we talked about what we were going to do to work on our project, (we work together on a project) I said we should modify the changing rooms and add some more detail.
When we got to Lincoln Primary school Riley and I changed our changing rooms.
We had finished our project yay!!!

I showed leadership by talking quietly to the person next to me on the bus so the driver could concentrate on what he was doing.
And by getting on and finishing my project.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Can do excellence # 8

Peer mediation

Today I had peer mediation,

Because it was a wet day today and the field wasn't open, Honor and I went around the classrooms.
The classrooms we went into were room 6, room 5, room 4, room 3, room 2 and room 1.
We went into the classrooms to see if everything is ok and help with any problems but there were not any major incidents today

I showed leadership by

*doing my duty around the school
*checking if everything was ok
*setting a good example

Friday, August 7, 2015

Can do excellence #7

Today I had choir we ran through the songs in the end of the year performance.
We went over a new song in the red book I cant remember what it is called but it is about sailing off on a ship to never come back or return.
I showed leadership by turning up on time (8:45 am) and showing respect to the people around me and the music teachers (Miss Harris and Mr McCullam)

Can do excellence # 6 kapahaka

Today I had Kapa Haka We were practicing our actions for our new school song.
Our actions are very funny and weird because of that lots of the Kapa Haka group gets off task when we have finished our run through of the school song.
I showed leadership by staying on task and listening to Matua Rihari (our Maori teacher) when he was speaking. 

My goal for term 3

My goal for term 3 is to get my excellence leadership badge.
This shows I am a good role model in the school and that I show leadership consistently.
I will do this by being a good role model for the younger students and my peers.
By turning up to my duties and doing my job well.
By doing my weekly blogging and home learning and home learning challenges.

Science week 3

This week in Science We were told to pour red cabbage soup into an ice tray, then we were told that there were some ingredients we have to put into each slot.
Our goal was to predict the colour that the cabbage water would turn with each added ingredient.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Maths week 3

This week in maths I did a maths revision sheet it is a refresher on what I had all ready learnt 

Writing week 3

This week in writing we have been learning to
Write a speech my topic is is it ever ok to lie.
My Success criteria is to
Write several paragraphs
And be able to talk for 2-3 minutes.

Reading week 3

This week in Reading I was doing our weekly routine.
Our weekly routine Is....

  1. Read the book in our heads
  2. Read the book to a partner aloud
  3. Complete the authors purpose sheet
  4. Complete the must do's
That is our reading program.



Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Must do getting involved #3 exellence

Must do getting involved excellence #3

Today I had Koru games practice We were playing A team vs B team (I am in the A team)
The koru games tornament will be some time in September.
In my team I play as a defender, my job is to takle the defenders so they cannot shoot.
today the score was 4-0 to the A team.
I was showing leadership by playing my part in the team and listing to the Refs decisions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Must do excellence #2

Technology excellence must do evidence. #2

Today I had Tech at Lincoln Primary School.
I have to get to school by 8.15 to be well prepared for the day ahead and be ready for the bus.
When we were lining up to get on the bus, there was only one bus at school (bus 1) we had to wait around 5 mins for bus 2 to arrive.
Once we arrived at Lincoln we had to go and see Mrs Scott before we could continue on our project.
Riley and I were finishing our creation. I was drawing football (soccer) logos for the change rooms.
I showed leadership by getting on with my work and showing respect to others learning.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Can do #5 excellence Peer Mediation

This week I had My Peer Mediation duty as I do every week.
I participate fully while doing my Peer Mediation duty.
Today there were no real problems but there were a few upset kids.
One of the kids was crying, because he was upset and to cheer him up and show leadership I asked him what he liked doing, he said he liked running so I gave him a race to a tree and back and he was so happy.
Then I carried on with my duty.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Choir can do #4 excellence

We had choir on Friday morning first thing.
We were practicing our songs from the red book.
and also money money money and hallelujah.
I showed leadership by showing respect to Miss Harris when she was talking to the group.

kapahaka can do #1 excellence

On Friday we had Kapa haka. we practiced a new song.
The lyrics were written for our school.
We now know most of the words so we made up the actions as a group.
I showed leadership by trying my hardest and getting involved