Monday, September 14, 2015

Peer mediation distinction evidence #2 of 4

Peer mediation distinction evidence # 2 of 4

Peer mediation

Every Monday at lunchtime I have peer mediation.
I have peer mediation in the second half of lunch.
I do peer mediation with Honor.
Today for peer mediation Honor and I went around the field several times to make sure everyone was having fun and getting along and making sure that there were no problems.
Today at peer mediation there were a few things that went on, one of them was.... One of the juniors had hit another junior with a stick.
We went over to talk it through and get all sides of the story and to solve the problem.
It ended out well because we managed to get the true story and because the boy apologised for hitting.
Every one was happy and went on with their lunch time.
I showed leadership by... Setting a good example for others to follow, listening to the issue without judgement and letting everyone speak, offering solution, turning up to peer mediation, doing my duty well and keeping my eyes open and being aware.

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